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C’mere and give us a thug

An endearing compilation of protesters and their signs at the Capitol by Milwaukee-based photographer, Kevin J. Miyazaki.


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What do we want? SPRING! When do we want it? NOW!

     Dateline: April 22, 2011  Madison, WI

Feeling blue?  Lugubrious?  “Bluegubrious?”  Don’t just sit there; do something about it.  So says Walt Krendard, spokesperson of Wisconsin Alliance of Fair Weather Friends, a citizen action group recalling spring — yes, the season.  “We all witnessed the equinox — some of us even attended the groundhog rallies back in February,” Krendard says, “and however you slice it, spring ain’t doing its job.”  Indeed, he furthers, “it’s run away and hiding out of state.”  Wisconsin recently has become ground zero for recall elections of unprecedented proportion, so it may not come as a surprise to find such a favorable climate for recalling the actual season. We went to Spring Green, in Iowa County, to find out what was happening on the ground level.

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Four Sure

On your morning commute today you might happen to see yet another couple of out-of-town cars driving up E. Washington Avenue towards the Capitol.  Their destination?  Recalling Sheila Harsdorf via the Government Accountability Board.  They will be making the trip from up in Hudson, so be sure to wave hello or honk out a “this is what democracy looks like” volley on the horn.  Full story here.

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Three’s Company

It’s official: the third Republican state Senator — Luther Olsen — will face a recall election.  Some 10,000 signatures above and beyond the required amount were submitted to the Government Accountability Board today.

Word, too, is that “big news” will be announced tonight in Hudson — Sheila Harsdorf’s turf, who may well be the fourth Republican to face recall.

Meanwhile, waiting in the wings are Cowles and Darling, with exactly two weeks remaining to still collect and then submit signatures against them, too.

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Tax (Holi)Day?

Vermont's Finest


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Don’t Mess With Taxes

No, that’s not a dyslexic typo.  But as for lapses of logic, spelling gaffes, general bouts of stupidity, and Palin-esque aposiopeses, please read on…

The tea party (TP) “spatriots” came to town today — on yellow school buses no less — and were met overwhelmingly by a counter-protest pro-union contingent which effectively drowned out their “drown it in a bathtub” Grover Norquist message.  But rather than tell, I’ll show:

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People of WI to Kathy Nickolaus, Go Take a Waukesha!

Tell Attorney General Eric Holder to Investigate the Wisconsin Supreme Court Election

Click here to tell the U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to look into the magical debacle of Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nicholaus’s computering.  Last week, two days after the statewide election for a Supreme Court seat between conservative incumbent David Prosser and challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg, Nickolaus, who oversees the votes in the most conservative county in Wisconsin, allegedly “forgot” to count some 14,000 votes, which discrepancy handed the election to Prosser — who used to be her boss 12 years ago.  Elections matter, and every vote should count.  Don’t let the GOP juggernaut have its way with democracy; we need the feds to get involved.  If, after a full examination, it is determined that the incumbent won fair and square, so be it.  The people of Wisconsin need that assurance.  THIS ISN’T ABOUT SORE LOSERS; it’s about transparency.


AFSCME capice?

A great quick video featuring real retro footage with a more modern voice-over full of of Moxie and Brooklynese.

NOTE: the language is not all that suitable for kiddos, stodgy elders, or doily-holding Philistines.



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Beavers vs Badgers

Where would you rather live…

Here in Oregon?  Or here in Wisconsin?


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Recall Walker

If you haven’t signed up yet (and either live in or plan on moving to Wisconsin sometime soon), please sign on here so that next year we’re better mobilized to recall Walker.  Thanks!

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