Labor Day of a Different Story

07 May
Labor Day of a Different Story

Dateline:  May 7th, 1977 — Valley Hospital  Ridgewood, NJ

She held her hand clenched in a fist expressing her solidarity with the working class of women the world united.  That or a bed sheet on the hospital bed, praying in a language ill-fit for children for the Epidural to please God take effect…  The result was six of one, half a dozen of the other.  Literally in labor, though it could be equally said “of labor, by labor, and for labor,” Lenore Bauer was hoping for a brighter future for her children — or a child with a bright future — or a future child with bright hope…  Mother expectant and member of the ISUW, International Sisterhood of Umbilical Workers, Local 577, demonstrating that the personal is political, Lenore (aka “Mom”) took the day off from work — some might even go so far as to say be on strike — to protest that one child was not enough.  Following in the good footsteps of those who traipsed their own roads to Damascus and demanding justice — an 8 hr day, paid sick leave, equal pay, etc — Mom Bauer demanded a boy.  But not just any boy; but a boy who, born so close to May Day, she knew would one day raise rabble and rake muck; a boy who, by naming him Timothy, she knew would have an epistolary penchant; a boy who, 34 years later and one day shy of Mothers Day wishes to express his thanks for being here in the first place.  So, to wit, thanks Mom, and Happy Mothers Day!

And happy Mothers Day to all the beautiful ladies out there who take the cake and deserve another slice.  Or a footrub.  Or mimosa.  Or just a day off from the unpaid (and too often thankless) work they do day in and day out.


2 responses to “Labor Day of a Different Story

  1. Kittenz

    May 7, 2011 at 8:14 pm

    Well said t-bone, and Happy Birthday 🙂


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