Unplanned Parenthood: the Hit or Misogynists of Wisconsin Politics

19 May
Unplanned Parenthood: the Hit or Misogynists of Wisconsin Politics

If you listen just long enough you can hear Margaret Sanger crying in her grave.  As has been par for the “coarse” since the first second Governor Scott Walker came into office swinging and slinging, and Republicans toed the line striding and stentorian on their high hoarse hearse of this legislative session, the next step in making Wisconsin gallop backward is defunding Planned Parenthood.  She who wrote in a pamphlet nearly a century ago, “No one can doubt that there are times where an abortion is justifiable but they will become unnecessary when care is taken to prevent conception.  This is the only cure for abortions.”  She would be wailing, were she alive today.  And then fighting like hell.

Let’s get one thing clear at the outset: no one is pro-abortion.  There are those of us who believe that a pregnant woman has the inherent right to decide what is best for her body and the embryonic potential within her, and those who believe that abortion is basic murder and any complicity to that act is criminal in nature.  Disclaimer: I will not be rubbing together any two cents about this issue, in part because it’s so loaded a topic it’s difficult to discuss without becoming defensive, but mainly because I’m a man and thus my own opinion about so radical a biological contingency that I myself can never directly experience is purely a privilege of the hypothetical, any and all arguments I could make, however substantive, are still symbolic and therefore essentially irrelevant.  Look, I can’t even fathom menstruation, right, much less what it would be like for a little living alien dwelling within my abdomen.  So I am asking for all the men in the room to follow my suit and the direction of my grade school gym teacher, Glen Freebody: “sit down and shut up.”

Guilt by Association

While we’re at it, let’s clear up another red (state) herring: this is not about abortions.  Yet it is, of course.  Because politics is as paradoxical as it is despicable, we have to entertain simultaneously two contradictory entities: something is and is not about whatever is being disgust — I mean discussed.  So while in truth stripping away the money to Planned Parenthood from the state of Wisconsin in the biennium budget has nothing to do with abortions because NO TAXPAYER DOLLARS FUND ABORTIONS, since Planned Parenthood is associated with terminating pregnancy, it’s SOL. But it’s not only Planned Parenthood.  Any and all healthcare providers affiliated with Planned Parenthood, even by way of mere reference — which is not the same thing as referral — will be ineligible for state funding.  That includes pap smears and cervical cancer screening, STD treatment and prevention, contraception, mammograms, prostate cancer, so forth and so on.  In other words, even (or especially) if a specific healthcare clinic does not perform abortions, still it stands to lose funding due to its potential affiliation with one that does.

And no, there are no separate provisions for victims of rape and incest — none.  Informed consent?  What’s that?

Hypocrites vs. Hippocrates

Here’s the backdrop.  In Walker’s proposed budget he cut $1.7 million annually from GPR funding (general purpose revenue).  In a kind of crocodile tear pantomime of rescue theatrics, the women Republicans on the Joint Finance Committee (JFC) — Senators Alberta Darling, Sheila Harsdorf, and Representative Patricia Strachota — split the definitions’ difference betwixt motion and emotion by reinstating that funding…with conditions. First of all, we’re still making cuts; the $1.7 million a year figure is a reflection of a 10 percent cut (or $193,600) in state money.  Again, these are cuts to things like contraception, pregnancy testing, cancer screenings, STD prevention, etc.  So instead of eliminating the grant altogether, the effect is mollified, though in reality there’s still a cut.

By pitting themselves as the good guys (sic) who were reaching out in compromise, they cast themselves in the appearance of being pro-family.  Indeed, the name of “Women’s Health Block Grant,” motioned by Darling, might as well be called the “Smiley Face Lady Glad” bill.  But the devil is indeed in the details.  Whether intentionally Orwellian or absentmindedly accidental, Senator Darling wore a pink jacket at the executive session yesterday — Prada I could not say.  Imagine a pink elephant…

As Democratic Representative Jennifer Shilling pithily pointed out, at least they weren’t debating this last week when it was National Women’s Health Week (which in a truly bizarre twist of sinister cynicism was championed last week by none other than Walker himself).

Think of chain email.  There are three categories: those who create the original message, those who receive it and forward it to their friends and family and coworkers, and those whose addresses have been included by and by but who put a stop to the madness by hitting delete.  Now instead of “chain email,” think abortion.  That degree of interconnection is prevalent and pervasive.  And all would fall in the sum category in Wisconsin no longer eligible for funding.

This would affect at least 50 of the state’s 72 counties, particularly those which don’t even have county public health departments — where Planned Parenthood (or an affiliate) is the de facto department.

We’re #1!

In chlamydia, that is.  And we’re second to none when it comes to African-American teenage girls getting pregnant.  (Leading the nation in knocked up teens and men in prison and whose largest city is the most segregated across the land, Wisconsin’s quite a place if you’re Black.)  But let’s not talk about that, heavens no!  Priorities, people!  Far more urgent than real-life living human beings are the unborn children!  In a statement of applause penned today by the Legislative Director of Wisconsin Right to Life, Susan Armacost, praise was lavished to the JFC for preventing taxpayer dollars to kill unborn babies.  Did you notice that last line she wrote — about a requirement that a girl’s parent(s) be notified before she receives family planning services?  That’s right.  To quote Armacost herself, “Finally, parents will not be kept in the dark about activities in which their minor daughters are engaged. Today is a banner day for Wisconsin taxpayers and parents.” 

Finally!  Our days of promiscuity are over, thank God!  More chastity belts, more burkas!  Wisconsin is open for business after all (just not that kind of business, ow ow!)

Perhaps she had Robin Vos in mind.  The Republican male and co-chair of the JFC could not so much as sit through the entire session yesterday without invoking that magic catchphrase of quote killing unborn children unquote.  I’ve said it before, and it pains me to know I will have to say it many more times yet: for the GOP life begins at conception and ends at birth.  The whole culture of unwanted pregnancy is truly fascinating.  The Right is obsessed with making women bear babies they do not want and/or cannot provide for, while then abandoning all services after the birth, and then it is the Left, who advocated for the pregnant women to avoid the confusing fiasco and heartbreak in the first place, who fights for their rights and services once they’re born.

This is the annoying hangnail of Republican philosophy: goddamn the government by poking its nose in the business of regulation and restriction, of caution and taxation, but it’s a green light to go ahead altogether to peak and poke as it pleases when it comes to personal matters like wireless surveillance and who can marry and who can vote and what’s happening in women’s wombs.  The phrase “drunk with power” comes to mind.

Or better yet, dizzy with the DTs:

The point is preventing unwanted pregnancies via education and outreach; contraceptive in order to be more truly pro-creative. “…[W]hen care is taken to prevent conception.  This is the only cure for abortions.”  We are all “pro life” and want to avoid abortions.  There is hardly anything sadder.  But let’s move past the rhetoric and symbolism and work mutually to be truly supportive of families, by making sure all children will be loved and wanted.

Good GOP, Bad Gov

It ain’t difficult to discern the thespian ploy here.  This is a primitive good cop/ bad cop dialectic at work.  Scott Walker, his dipshit-dope hangdog look notwithstanding, is cast as the stern father figure who rules with a tight fist as iron-clad as his very will.  (The imperial Walker — so perfect!)  His foil, meanwhile, are the women Republican handmaidens dressed as reasonable conciliators.  Act I: Mr Patriarch threatens to take away the toy.  Many cry.  Act II: the chorus of “feminine side” women try to soften the blow by returning it, slightly damaged but now with strings attached.  Many cry.  Act III: we’re screwed, especially if you have screwed.  Many cry.

This was a calculated narrative in order to sugarcoat a poison pill and together with a wink and nod to the fetus fanatics sitting in the front row.  The consequences to this are literally and figuratively grave and begin to draw a very definite line in the sand: on one side is what the state used to stand for; on the other is the direction in which we’re heading.  We’re in a state that is the opposite of back to the future; Wisconsin is forward into the past.  Ergo, I suggest we rename the state to Nisnocsiw.  (It’s not that hard to pronounce: Niss-NOCK-sue.)

As can be expected, predicted really, the vote was straight party-line: 12 in favor, 4 opposed.

There are several memorable moments from the session.  Here’s a link to watch it.

Rep. Grigsby at 2h 28m 10s – 2h 35m 50s and again at 3h 17m and 35s;

Sen. Lena Taylor at 1h 48m 25s – 1h 53m

Feeling Crabby?

So I have an idea, called the “Feeling Crabby Campaign.”   It’s still a work in progress(ive), but what I have in mind is sending a card (both physical and in email) to ALL the Republicans in the State Legislature, as well as Gov. Walker.  The front side would feature an image like this:

And the inside would read something like “Without Planned Parenthood, the rise of cervical, breast, and prostate cancer, as well as STDs, would skyrocket in Wisconsin.  Vote NO to defund Planned Parenthood.”  (Exact wording still to be determined.)  Any assistance or suggestions would be most welcome.  Time is of the essence, so we would need to work on this quickly.  I will contact Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin.  In the meantime, I would love for someone to create a Facebook page for this, another to “tweet” our effort when it’s time.  If anyone knows how to create a card in Word or whatever, that too would be a huge help.  Thanks so much!


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23 responses to “Unplanned Parenthood: the Hit or Misogynists of Wisconsin Politics

  1. drillbaby

    May 19, 2011 at 8:51 pm

    What an exhausting, stupid, and ultimately amoral post. You liberals care nothing for the morality that most Americans hold dear to their heart. You are oh so superior and frankly I’m sick of your long blog posts and liberal Jon Stewart pundits trying to justify it. Try to think about what real people deeply believe in and stop trashing it with your leftist b.s.

    You and your readers spew the same garbage but you know what? There’s a reason the Republicans are always voted into office. Because that’s what the “common man” that you claim to represent, but actually don’t, actually believes in.

  2. t corcoran bauer

    May 19, 2011 at 10:47 pm

    “Amoral”? Are you seriously this full of it? Do you even know what the word means? Who are these “most Americans” who hold dying of cancer and infant mortality rates near and dear their hearts, you sick idiot?

  3. Sarah S

    May 19, 2011 at 11:53 pm

    Margaret Sanger!?! Really? Margaret Sanger? This Margaret Sanger?

    Of all the people you could have chosen to quote, you chose her? Here is another quote from that wonderful pamphlet you cited:

    “It is a vicious cycle; ignorance breeds poverty and poverty breeds ignorance. There is only one cure for both, and that is to stop breeding these things. Stop bringing to birth children whose inheritance cannot be one of health or intelligence. Stop bringing into the world children whose parents cannot provide for them. Herein lies the key of civilization. For upon the foundation of an enlightened and voluntary motherhood shall a future civilization emerge”

    Maybe they should start issuing licenses like the one we’re going to need to vote? Maybe a government committee that tells people who can have kids and who cannot? I know many people who have had babies who couldn’t intentionally provide for them but changed their ways and became great parents. Its called learning. Maybe instead of focusing on how many babies need to be killed to eliminate stupid people from the gene pool we could focus instead on teaching things like responsibility, family values, teaching fathers that it is not OK or cool to abandon their children, and supporting single mothers (and fathers) when it happens, because it will, unfortunately, happen.

    I’ve read through some your other posts on here. I tried letting this post go and giving this blog of yours a chance. We probably even aren’t that far apart in political thinking. I’ve noticed mischaracterizations, misleading statements, outright lies, sexism, and now racism. But the biggest offense truly, however, is this:

    “I can’t even fathom menstruation, right, much less what it would be like for a little living alien dwelling within my abdomen”

    Unborn babies are “little living aliens dwelling within my abdomen.” Really!?! Little aliens? Have you ever spoken to a women before? (other that Drillbaby? I’m guessing Drillbaby is a woman) Ever spoken to one with children other than your mother? Did you ask them about their “Little Alien.”

    Menstruation? “Feeling Crabby?” I don’t want to start, I’m fuckin pissed.

    Misogynists,Sexist, Racist? Next time you throw out accusations, take a long look in the mirror, and see if one is looking back…..

    • t corcoran bauer

      May 20, 2011 at 4:26 pm

      Dear Sarah,

      Thank you for taking the time both to peruse my blog and to write me about a topic that troubles you. Although the spirit of your response provokes a variety of reactions on my part, I wish only to be civil and disrespectful, not least because the Planned Parenthood post upset you so.

      I did not quote Margaret Sanger to be provocative, though I did wonder whether someone would take me to task about her relationship to eugenics, and even considered making a disclaimer.

      However one feels about Sanger’s own personal faults, if one believes in free choice, one is indebted to her. I don’t have any political heroes, because no one, no matter how reputable their work is in one or more particular fields, is wholly innocent. But the imperfections of which we’re culpable in one area ought not discredit the outright character of the individual or what s/he actually accomplished in other areas. You might say “don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.”

      I stand by Sanger’s pioneering work and activism — though with a definite caveat. Considering I did bring up African-American teenage girls in this piece, I respect your criticism of my choice of referencing her. That’s a fair point, and I appreciate the attention you brought to it.

      The website you referenced — — is unapologetically pro-life; of course they will castigate Sanger. I personally disagree with anti-abortion philosophy, but that’s beside the point. Where both sides of this argument should come together in agreement is avoiding unwanted pregnancies in the first place through education and outreach. Would you agree?

      I lament abortion as much as anyone else; no woman wants to have one. But the choice/need to have one is something I will fight for with every bone and breath in my body — just as I will always work and advocate for whoever’s in need of help after they’re born. (My girlfriend happens to be a social worker in child protection, and I used to work for foster care.) I absolutely agree with you that much needs to be done to support families and provide services, to educate and organize, to be a community together. No one’s talking about genocide; that’s hyperbole bordering on libel!

      I don’t know what your political beliefs are, but you alluded to us not being far apart in our thinking, so I’m taking it for granted we’re on common ground. The Left in this country is getting defeated all the time in part because of our divisiveness, our predilection to be holier than thou, our desire to be ideologically pure. We’re scattered because of these silly, pissy spats amongst ourselves. Meanwhile, the conservative Right is effectively taking over the country (and has been for the last 40 years when you look at the big picture). That’s our common enemy and our imperative, not the same-side bickering. At best it’s counterproductive and pointless; at worst we’re losing both the little battles as well as the greater war.

      Maybe you and I keep different company, but I was raised by all women, have only an older sister for a sibling (who has three kids), and one of my three-only cousins (all of whom are women) is pregnant for the first time. I have read more books and pamphlets and attended lectures and workshops on radical feminism than I have the time to cite. Scholars and activists like Germaine Green, Susan Faludi, Ti-Grace Atkinson. Not because I took classes in college or was mentored by a friend, but on my own conviction. You’ve got the wrong guy if you’re looking to peg someone as sexist.

      And it is precisely in that vein that I likened a fetus to an “alien.” Maybe you indulged my image too much, thinking something from the movie “Alien” or a little green Martian or something. I meant the wprd in the literal sense of something foreign. Regardless, a fetus in the first trimester is essentially a parasite, like it or not. It is. Where do you think morning sickness comes from? Sure, the fetus eventually develops into a baby, and then that baby becomes somebody’s daughter or son — but let’s just be frank and not sentimental about embryonic development, which is the point I was making.

      And you missed my post’s point entirely if you’re given to conflate my humbling disclaimer about menstruation with my proactive idea of sending “crabby” messages to my state politicians; crab as in the sign for cancer > cancer as in cervical, and crab as in “the crabs” > STD. I don’t know what you’re “fuckin pissed” about, but I suggest you quit being so presumptuous about someone you’ve never met (me) and projecting whatever issues you happen to have onto me. I am not your enemy.

      You’re welcome to inform me of my outright lies and sexism if you wish. Otherwise I thank you again for your response and wish you well.


  4. drillbaby

    May 20, 2011 at 2:00 pm

    Drillbaby is not a woman.

    Drillbaby is a righteous activist of the right.

  5. Sue

    May 20, 2011 at 4:02 pm

    Sarah S, I encourage you to keep speaking your mind. However, you are jumping to conclusions and making assumptions. There is a disclaimer early on for a reason, and the very point the writer was trying to make; MEN SHOULD NOT BE A PART OF THIS PROCESS. Like stated, they cannot fathom what bearing a child must be like. I can’t and I’m a woman. I can see why the writer would make the correlation to having an alien inside of you, it’s that foreign. Plus, it’s NOT a child (depending on what side of the argument you’re on). People are called aliens all the time, and I don’t think their referring to our extraterrestrial friends, just the ones from Mexico.

    A crab is the astrological sign for cancer, i.e. cervical cancer. If you have a better idea, do tell.

    And you should be “fucking pissed”, just like the rest of us. But saying someone who wrote a blog post in favor of women’s rights is sexist, because you made some of your own parallels to stereotypes, is not a productive use of your pissed off energy.

  6. cc

    May 21, 2011 at 3:28 pm


    I’m sad that this post made you feel so hurt and angry. I responded completely differently to the post. I felt that the writer made clear that he recognizes that he will never fully understand the complex interplay of emotion and physiology that goes into menstruation or pregnancy. I for one appreciate that he cares enough to defend Planned Parenthood, most men I run into are too obsessed with themselves to care about women’s issues.

    As far as the alien comment. Timothy is right. Morning sickness is the body’s response to the parasitic relationship with the first few cells that become the fetus. I myself have not been pregnant, but do hope to have a baby at some point when the time is right. I think of it now and think that I will continue to think that an unborn baby is a parasite or an alien. I have many friends with happy and healthy babies that they love very much and they too have expressed the same feelings. Recognizing the strangeness of a pregnancy doesn’t make one not appreciate the outcome.

    I too hope that liberals (and those of all political beliefs) can join together on what we agree with to fight the ills that plague our society rather than sniping over the unfortunate and reprehensible comments of a generally good political figure from decades ago.

  7. Sarah S

    May 22, 2011 at 1:28 pm

    I wonder if I didn’t mention my political leanings if I would be treated with the same respect? Yes, your response was condensending, but it had a positive tone instead of a negative tone.

    Did you not add the Margaret Sanger disclaimer because you believed you were smarter than your audience? Type her in to google, the black genocide website is the second to come up after her wikipedia page. She masked her racism behind her advocasy of “free choice.” She didn’t make one off handed comment once, she created a movement based on her lies.

    I’ve asked other women if they ever thought they were carrying a parasite or a little alien, and no one yet has said yes, some were offended i was asking like that. You may have been raised by women, but there is no way you can have a close relationship with any of them.

    Planned Parenthood is about objectifying women!! I cannot figure out how so many can not see this!!

    And Sue, if your are still following, I have never met a mother that ever said her unborn child was was not a child based on what side of the arguement she was on. Did you even read my response? Where did I mention men?

    • t corcoran bauer

      May 22, 2011 at 11:25 pm


      I do not understand the source of your hostility, and I take issue with its offensively dismissive, presumptuous, and disrespectful manner. I feel like you are provoking me to bicker and bark with you, intentionally or unintentionally, which I’m afraid I have neither the time nor the inclination.

      Your tone is both insolent and insulting. I am posting your latest reply for others to see, but if you continue in this manner I will not acknowledge it. My self-esteem is not so low as to unconditionally honor you a level of discourse you have not earned but in fact forfeit with your lack of decorum and basic etiquette. You have labeled me a racist, a sexist, a liar, and I forget what else. If you wish to advise me to look in the mirror, I ask that you not treat me like a doormat, thank you very much.

      First, to suggest that my respect towards you is first contingent on sharing similar political leanings is demeaning to us both. I am obviously a progressive and side on the left, but one of the essentials of this blog is to foster dialogue — particularly with those who see the world differently. If all I accomplish is preaching to the converted choir, I have failed in this undertaking.

      Secondly, speculating whether I refrained from disclaiming Margaret Sanger’s belief in eugenics because I fancied myself a smartypants is insipid. I did so because disclaimers tend to be cumbersome to a writer’s narrative flow, and I had already made one about being a man writing on a topic more pertinent to women’s health, women’s bodies, and women’s choices. A disclaimer is like taking a step back to digress, and sometimes it’s a side distraction from the greater point at hand. The piece I wrote is not about Sanger, clearly. Your returning to this point of “genocide” reminds me of the folks at the Capitol protests in Madison who lambasted FDR — one of the most left-leaning presidents in the country’s history — because he did not believe in unions. And that was one of my points in my first response to you: no political figure (or writer or musician or whoever) is immune from personal imperfections. However, such inevitable flaws should not categorically discredit the sum worth of that individual’s accomplishments and other intentions. It’s put in context, of course. But if ideological purity were a litmus test, we’d all fail horrendously, left, right, and center. (Look at Newt Gingrich courting the conservative “values” vote. He’s been divorced twice and has had affairs. Yet people look past that, and he’s a contender for presidential election.)

      Lastly, which is unworthy of any response other than just calling you out for being so fatuous is declaring that “in no way can [I] have a close relationship with [women].” You’re right Sarah. I live under a rock in a male-only fraternity of other beady-eyed mole-men where we drink Coors, talk cars, and watch ESPN.

      Perhaps so many don’t see that Planned Parenthood objectifies women is that such a statement is an extremist way of looking at things which defies mere reason. Do OB-GYN doctors objectify women, too, then? Do oncologists? Doesn’t an HMO objectify all the body parts of all its members and applicants? I don’t even understand what your logic is, since your bold statement lacked any clarification or substantiation. Regardless, why exclude men from the objectification of PP’s evil eye? Dispensing condoms for free — sounds like phallophilia run amok.

      Sarah, I have no idea who you are or how old you are, what kind of past you’ve had or what future you hope to procure, but we’re not communicating effectively. You remain preoccupied with my wording (or implication perhaps) of an infant as an “alien,” when at best I was being tongue-in-cheek. I have given you considerable time and attention, considering you are an absolute stranger, a vague name in the internet ether. If you’re religious, God bless you — honestly, I don’t say that irreverently. Maybe a baby to you is a divine gift or miracle or I don’t know what. I personally am still trying to make sense of the basic biology of the thing, without pretending I can fathom the theological metaphysics (if any). By the tone of those who have taken their time to respond to you in this blog (except for “Drillbaby” who is a conservative heckler), no one has been hostile to you, though you have failed to exhibit the same courtesy. Life’s short as it is without wasting it behind a computer screen, particularly on account of complete strangers.


  8. drillbaby

    May 23, 2011 at 8:54 am

    You are all complete liberal wack jobs! So you are both alienating men, by saying they should have no role in the decision making, AND you are insulting every mother by saying that their babies are parasites. So men have no say, even though men all around the world are loving fathers. No, let’s just throw all that out the window. What about father’s rights? Fathers have no rights in your world, well isn’t that nice. And babies are parasites? Even if it’s biologically true, from a humane perspective it’s just about the rudest thing you can say to a woman, which just shows the level of contempt for wholesome Americans who are trying to start a decent family.

    The only true parasites here are you leftist radicals who want to be parasites on society with your welfare state activism, raising my taxes and the taxes of hard-working REAL Americans who earn an honest paycheck, just so your socialist government can take most of my money away.

    And the one thing I would agree with Mr. Corcoran Bauer is that yes, he probably does drink Girl’s Lite, I mean, Coors Lite.

    • Gretchen

      May 24, 2011 at 4:51 pm

      Drillbaby talk in third person. Drillbaby no like blog. Drillbaby club dumb liberal fuks with drillbaby club.

      Really, man?

      I agree with the writer: womyn and children first. Not unborn embryonic gobbledygook or the men who up to that point contributed nothing so much than ejaculate. Insert Tab A into Slot B, reverse, go forward, release. Real romantic.

      Of course men have a moral responsibility to a baby — a living, breathing baby — and all children benefit from having loving fathers in their lives…if you can find any. The funny thing is everyone here can agree on that: the abrogation of fathers’ duties is a detrimental flaw in our society.

      To Sarah S and drillbaby: ever know a woman who died in childbirth or had to abort her fetus because othertwise it woulda killed her? I do — and it’s fucking sadder than anything imaginable. I love babies like anybody, but I sure as hell know better than to think their angels or whatever feel-good happyspeak crap Hallmark and Focus on the Family rams down our throats.

      And for all the uppity blah-whine-bitch about the writer’s semantics (re: alien/parasite), why don’t we all get cozily sentimental and name our tumors or tape worms? But maybe that’s disrespectful, too…

      Grow up, you bunch of babies!

  9. Sue

    May 23, 2011 at 4:43 pm

    Perhaps I’ve never met a mother who referred to her now babbling an cooing child as a “creature from outer space”, as you’re so defining alien. But things aren’t so clear cut during the first trimester of a pregnancy. Many mothers I know express that something “unfamiliar” or “foreign” is inside of them, also other adjectives for alien.

    But Sarah, let me ask you something, have you ever met anyone who has had an abortion? Have you talked to them about what they aborted, child, alien or otherwise? What about this “mom”, what do you suppose she was thinking when she left her baby outside of a church? Could it be she didn’t want to be objectified by Planned Parenthood?

    What about a 25-year-old mom with 8 kids who, rather than being objectified by PP she is by men. Or am I not allowed to talk about men, since you didn’t. Drill baby is right, men should be involved. Unfortunately, when it comes to parenting, this is all too often not the case.

    And if I am not articulating myself clearly about the need for PP, perhaps this will help…

  10. Sarah S

    May 23, 2011 at 11:15 pm

    I just texted a friend who is a single mom, dad was abusive and is not in the picture any more, her baby was completely unplanned. She said she was scared at first but her child was never unwanted, before or after she was born. I asked her if she ever thought her child was a “parasite” or a “little alien,” while she was pregnant, she said no, for all the struggle it was a wonderful feeling, and you guys are idiots, and I should slam you hard. She also said it was an offensive question for me to ask. She is one of the many over the last few days i have talked to. I guess I’m fascinated you could have such a small view of the world.

    What you are missing is that it is insulting, insensitive, and offensive to say things like that. It is well known “code-speak” to try and dehumanize an unborn baby, say it is a parasite, an alien, or not a child, in an attempt to take out the emotion and to convince someone to have an abortion, even if they may not want too, because someone else believes it would be “best for them.” These women don’t need to be dehumanized, they need support.

    I’m not even completely against Planned Parenthood or abortion, but I do think it pushed too hard, and they fail miserably at education. That is how I feel they objectify women. This education doesn’t even have to be sex ed based, just simple self esteem building and self respect classes, i know those classes would have helped me in many ways. They could be taught in school, but they are not.

    Sue, PP didn’t save any of those kids you mentioned in your post. You also pointed to extreme examples, there will always be extreme examples, you can’t base your opinions on extreme examples. I do know women (and men) who have had abortions, but no, I have not had a conversation with any of them about it, even if I had, I doubt it would change my mind. And I never said you weren’t allowed to talk about men, I was just pointing out you never read my original post before you started replying. I didn’t mention mexicans either

    This the problem with Madison politics, people there have a tendency to believe their opinions are better than others. There is a reason it is referred to as 20 square miles of insanity surrounded by reality. Tim, reread some of your other posts, you do talk down to your audience, this is an honest criticism. You string together big words together that turn off the average reader. It comes off as arrogant, one of the worst things a writer can be in this type of blog. There is a reason most news papers are written at a 5th grade level, to appeal to the most people, and not to insult the reader. In fact, reread the first paragraph of this post, about listening it Sanger crying in her grave, its goofy.

    We can spar again tomorrow, You all have good nights.

    • t corcoran bauer

      May 24, 2011 at 4:33 pm

      Dear John — I mean Sarah,

      I am tired of being nice to you and trying not to dislike you. If your intention was to serially criticize me personally (as opposed to, y’know, my arguments) to the breaking point after which I wash my hands of responding to you, then bravo! This will be my last response to you, however pointless it is. Getting through to you is fruitless, and the daily grind is a Sisyphean struggle enough.

      I’m sorry — was that too high brow for you, a reference to Sisyphus? Should I dumb it down to sound more like mainstream media news?

      Sarah, seriously, I just don’t get the disconnect. Happy you for knowing women who take issue with likening their former or present fetuses as strange creatures. Like this invalidates anything I said. I know different women, that’s all. How dare YOU accuse ME of having a narrow view of women friends! You are so judgmental, do you really not see that? And do you honestly not see the irritating irony that by making wholly unfounded judgmental assumptions about me (and other commentators in this one post) your own argument about me being judgmental and the rest falls flatly on its sad, sad face.

      For example, what about Madison do you personally know so intimately well to reduce it to a judgmental cliche? And if you’re going to attack something/someone with a regurgitated saying, you’d do well to get that saying right in the first place: it’s “40 square miles surrounded by reality.” There’s nothing about insanity, OK? And I’m not even from here. I happen to live here now, but I’ve lived in many cities and towns and regions of the country. My political beliefs are borne of my 34 years coughing on this old, cracked planet of ours, and the myriad conversations I’ve had with business-obsessed Republicans, don’t-tread-on-me libertarians, bake sale-funded Democrats, purer-than-thou liberals, fuck-it-all anarchists, and why-bother conspiracy yahoos.

      “Code speak”?! Are you kidding me? Chill out or lighten up for God’s sake! Your paranoia is prejudging me and preventing you from understanding what all of my intentions are (and, again, those commentators here who have happened to agree with me). If you are really offended by a tongue-and-cheek but biologically accurate figure of speech, then don’t read this blog; it’s not your cup of tea.

      But again, like many people, you are preoccupied with abortion and exclusively associate Planned Parenthood as abortionists — which was, for the umpteenth time, not what my point ever was. Remember the “feeling crabby” campaign you got “fuckin pissed” about?

      If you are holding Planned Parenthood accountable for “failing miserably” at education, blame conservative politicians and activists who are agog with seeing it disappear from the faith/face of the earth forever. Do you seriously think it’s Planned Parenthood’s fault that it is prevented from outreaching more effectively by seeing a rostrum of restrictions and budget cuts?

      Finally, if “stringing together big words” is a bad thing, then call me terrible tim. Wouldn’t it be patronizing if I dumbed it down deliberately, because for some elitist reason I fancied myself smarter? Thanks for the advice, but I’m doing just fine, thanks.

      Over and out, Sarah S.


  11. Sue

    May 24, 2011 at 2:11 pm

    Sarah girl, you are exhausting.

    So I’m mildly offended that you would “text” someone to find out if they thought they had an alien inside of them, which happened to be their now beautiful child. Nice double blind study. You just don’t get it. How many times do I have to say that Alien DOES NOT MEAN “extraterrestrial space invader”. Which is why I brought up Mexican folks, many of whom come to the states undocumented are often called “Illegal aliens”, jump down the media’s throat for that one. Alien is referring to a foreigner (Illegal is the word that annoys me, no human being is illegal their actions may be, but they themselves are not).

    You have been making assumptions about people since you started responding to post, it’s annoying. Based off of my posts, what makes you think I would encourage someone to have an abortion?

    I did use extreme examples, but I fear it would be far more common without agencies like PP. I work with people everyday who access PP, it would be devastating if they we no longer able to receive services.

    I encourage you, if you have issues with PP, volunteer with them, sit on the board, get your PhD in Public Health, make a difference. To put on the shoulder of PP to address self esteem issues of women, although beneficial and great, is asking a lot. They, like many non-profits, barely have enough funding to cover the basics. Perhaps schools should be teaching safe sex, rather than no sex. Schools have contact with everyone, not just those looking for assistance.

    This isn’t the problem with Madison, this is the problem with liberals and why we can never get anything done. You have to be politically correct about fucking everything, or you get accused of being “sexist or racist”. Sarah you’re so worried about verbiage that I’m not even sure what your gripe is, and we are getting way off topic from the writers intentions, which is to get the word out about how this bill will affect millions of women. Which is something we can all probably agree on.

    And as for the writing style, I often don’t know many of the words I’m reading either, but that’s why I like reading the blog. I’m not a 5th grader and frankly appreciate more thought provoking language. The blog’s free Sarah, take it or leave it.

  12. drillbaby

    May 24, 2011 at 4:46 pm

    The problem with liberals is not just political correctness, it’s that they are not conservatives.

    • Gretchen

      May 25, 2011 at 9:19 am

      Seriously dude, “drillbaby”?! Like that’s not overtly sexist? Am I the only one who hasn;t caught onto that? You’re probably just masking yourself in that dipshit rhetoric from the ’08 election of “drill baby drill” and opening up the Arctic wildlife area — which has its own sexist overtones to — but i personally find “drillbaby” offensive. But whatevs, it’s your name. But if your supposed to be some model of responsible maleness — the way you attack the world, your tough love contempt for a political view that doesn;t match your own — then i’m glad i got my tubes tied!!

  13. CC

    May 25, 2011 at 12:03 pm

    Wow Sarah- I guess your friends must all be better than my friends…is that what you want me to say? All of the women I referance as thinking that it was completly strange to be pregnant and did feel that they had an “alien” in them- some even mentioning the movie where an alien does come out of somebody’s stomach- these women all wanted their babies. All of these women who felt that they had aliens in them durring their pregnancy planned to be pregnant. They all prepaired for this for extended periods of time and tried very hard to get pregnant. They love their babies very much, but still felt strange about being pregnant. I agree with Tim, if you are religious and think a baby is a gift, I’m glad for you, that is proabably comforting. However, that doesn’ t make the reality that I think or that my mother friends experienced wrong or bad.

    Also as a side note, I love the big words. I find it fun, challenging and a great read. I think it makes the subjects more fun to read about. Kuddos Tim.

  14. Sarah S.

    May 26, 2011 at 11:39 pm

    I didn’t know I was walking into such a large minefield of mental arthritics. I don’t believe you developed you political thinking by talking to other people Tim, because I don’t believe you’ve ever had an original thought in your head. Whats next in your predictable blog? A post on gun control? Looks like there may be be riots again at the capital soon. Fathers day isn’t so far away, and we all know how you paid tribute to your mother on mother’s day? That would at least be different, if not poorly written. Maybe another sexist post on Sarah Palin? I’ll check Russ Feingold’s site to help me with my guess.

    I must also apologize to you for my honest criticism of this here blog, please don’t change your writing style, because there is no way any of this should be made more accessible to a larger audience. Please keep writing only to your friends, who tell you you’re great, so and you never improve, because you have nothing really important to say, and your fragile ego cannot handle it anyway.

    • t corcoran bauer

      May 27, 2011 at 5:56 am

      Sarah S,

      I must say, you are the most disagreeable and annoyingly inane person I have never met. Do you get off on personal attacks on total strangers and making outlandish judgments about them? I think you must. It’s a little sadistic. Nothing I or anyone here has said has made the least dent in you. Indeed, when challenged, you just act more irrational and mean. Is this how you respond to constructive criticism? It’s sad — but a little entertaining in a laughing-at-other’s-absurdities kind of way. You’re embarrassing.

      That said, thanks for making me realize that I have over 1800 friends — the amount of hits this no good terrible horrible racist sexist conceited unoriginal too adjectival blog has received in under two months.

      As for the next post, I was gonna wait and take my cues from what every other liberal-leftist blogger and/or mainstream (i.e., dumbed down) media outlet is talking about. Probably something about a sustainably grown, biodegradable whatchamacallit harvested by an organic all-agnostic lesbian kibbutz-commune practicing matrilineal relationships while eating granola, wearing Birkenstocks (or going barefoot), and hugging trees. Or channeling Noam Chomsky, Christopher Hitchens, and Alexander Cockburn (all white men, since I’m a such a bigoted misogynist) about the corporatization of corporate corporatocracy and its corporatizing effects on corporations. Whichever, it will probably be in such a goofy way that only my own small circle of friends will read and/or understand.

      Or perhaps how the medium of the internet fosters a paradox of effective communication because its veil of anonymity enables people’s Ids (the Freudian kind, not “identification”) to act out the foulest and most fulsome fantasies attacking other people instead of their arguments, and engendering ludicrous judgments and presumptions with no credibility or merit. Maybe I’ll entitle it, “Take a Look in the Mirror.”

      See ya Sarah.


  15. annoyed

    May 27, 2011 at 3:44 pm

    Yeah, that’s why I don’t read the newspaper, all that old news, shit that happened the day before. Too predictable for me. How dare you watch WisconsinEye and write about what the Joint Finance Committee is discussing. Why don’t you talk more about the weather, or fashion. Shirt people actually care about. There is always the Packers. OR, you could just reply to other people’s blogs, and when they disagree with you, you could make personal attacks on them (even better since you don’t know them) and tell them how bad their blog is. There is always online articles, it’s so easy to talk crap there.

    And Tim, giving a shout out to your mom on Mother’s day, I can’t believe you. Did you also spit in her face?

    Did you ever collect enough signatures to Recall Spring?

    Here’s a tip for Sarah, don’t be such a bitch and maybe people would take your “honest criticism” seriously. You don’t make friends with salad.

  16. Cc

    June 2, 2011 at 12:38 pm

    Thanks Annoyed!! Great observations and also fantastic use of a Simpson’s quote. I tip my hat.

  17. t corcoran bauer

    June 23, 2011 at 12:52 am

    Dear Sarah (et al),

    I heard this story today on NPR — — and nearly wept. I began to wonder how much of eugenics and forced sterilization and the associative racism/ indigence of it was behind the animosity of these posts’ responses. Some things are too big and personal to see past. Perhaps this was one of them. I don’t believe this merits striking Margaret Sanger from the record or, more relevant, my intention in this piece, but I do take it into consideration. What’s probably most regrettable is how side-tracked off the main issue this became. It may not matter, considering that the Republicans in the State Assembly voted party-line to table the amendment to save Planned Parenthood that the Democrats offered. Indeed, despite the passionate evidence and points for consideration made by Democratic members on the floor, not one Republican was swayed. Moreover, one Republican Assemblyman reiterated the trite and tired — and factually vacant — line about no taxpayer money funding abortions, to which the entire Republican caucus clapped impromptu, up to and including the Speaker of the House (who otherwise performs more or less impartially). That was frankly telling how biased the Republicans are. It doesn’t matter that no money even goes toward abortions in the first place; symbolism always trumps substance.

    But it’s fractions and in-fighting amongst those of us on the left that help let our real enemies get ahead, which is as problematic as their own terrible agenda.



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