Bovine Providence (or, Having a Gay’old Time at Summer Camp in North Carolina)

24 May

The latest from the great state of North Carolina…

Sadly, this schmuck (and I use that word very deliberately) is not to be confused with another bastard Pastor from the Tar Heel State, you know, the one who advocated “beating the gay out of your kids”:

Which cheek did Jesus preach about turning?

I like the part at the end about imagining kissing a man with a snivel of revulsion.  This coming from a man himself…  Was he preaching to an all-male audience?  Granted, I would consider kissing a man like him to be beneath the reproach of even a rat’s ass festering with bubonic puss, but it seems a little odd that a man would sermonize about how disgusting kissing a man is — call it his Road to Dumb-ass Kiss moment…

If you feel like sending this fulsome fool a letter, you can do so here.


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