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United We Stand, Divided We Falk

United We Stand, Divided We Falk

In a moment of post-ironic solidarity conservatives across Wisconsin came together in mass thanks of the gift they received yesterday over the state’s largest public sector union endorsing the most union-sympathetic candidate running against Governor Scott Walker in a recall election.  Following the endorsement of WEAC — Wisconsin Education Association Council — the state’s largest teachers union only twelve days before, the state division of AFSCME, representing some 60,000 public workers, giddily rallied behind candidate Kathleen Falk, former Dane County Executive and two-time loser for statewide office.  Conservatives did not respond to our requests for an interview, but in an email a spokesperson summed it up in bold italics: “Told You So!” Read the rest of this entry »


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AFSCME capice?

A great quick video featuring real retro footage with a more modern voice-over full of of Moxie and Brooklynese.

NOTE: the language is not all that suitable for kiddos, stodgy elders, or doily-holding Philistines.



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From Brown Bag to Dirtbag, Karma’s a bitch!

Do You Recall…?

It’s worth recollecting that Scott Walker became the County Executive of Milwaukee County eight years ago thanks to a recall election after then incumbent, Tom Ament, retired after a scandal over county pension funds.  Before that, Walker was still in the State Assembly.  Interestingly (re: incestuously), he won that seat after yet another “special election” — in this case to none other than the son of Tom Lament.  Walker deliberately moved to Wauwatosa to establish residence after an Assembly seat opened up there in 1993.  At the time, Scott was only 25 years old, selling warranties for IBM.  (He’d already dropped out of Marquette University).  He would go on to pitch his hat in the gubernatorial ring in 2006, but decided to back down (lack of cash; he was not then bankrolled by the Koch brothers) and deferred to Mark Green who then ran as the Republican candidate (unsuccessfully).  That was only four years after becoming county exec. of Milwaukee.  Now he’s governor, and he obviously has his eyes cast on national prizes.  (Remember the prank call wherein he happily confides his belief in this being his Reagan moment?  See excerpt below.)  The point I’m trying to establish is that not unlike being a true Teabagger who ran as a brown bagger Republican, Walker is a career politician blatantly masquerading as an average citizen who just happened to heed the call of duty. Read the rest of this entry »


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