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The ABCs of Asymmetry (ICYMI)

The ABCs of Asymmetry (ICYMI)

Today marks the last day of the (ir)regular session of the Wisconsin State Legislature; good riddance to bad rubbish indeed!  While halfway through lent, this lapse Catholic is glad the state is giving up Republican mandates for a short while at least.  Plus spring has sprung, and with it that irrepressibly burning eternal.  Keeping with the lenten theme, the days are longer (lengthened, you might even say), the sun brighter and warmer.  With recalls soon to be set, there is light for sure at the end of this tunnel that has been the yearlong winter of our discontent, and hope outshining the audacity of dopes.
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Unplanned Parenthood: the Hit or Misogynists of Wisconsin Politics

Unplanned Parenthood: the Hit or Misogynists of Wisconsin Politics

If you listen just long enough you can hear Margaret Sanger crying in her grave.  As has been par for the “coarse” since the first second Governor Scott Walker came into office swinging and slinging, and Republicans toed the line striding and stentorian on their high hoarse hearse of this legislative session, the next step in making Wisconsin gallop backward is defunding Planned Parenthood.  She who wrote in a pamphlet nearly a century ago, “No one can doubt that there are times where an abortion is justifiable but they will become unnecessary when care is taken to prevent conception.  This is the only cure for abortions.”  She would be wailing, were she alive today.  And then fighting like hell. Read the rest of this entry »


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I think I cant, I think I cant, I think I cant…

Good news for people who like bad news about Walker!

(No, this is not about Modest Mouse.)

Earlier this morning, a major campaign donor to Gov. Walker was charged with not one but two felony counts for violating campaign finance laws.  See, I just thought that little Scottie as a kid never got that train set he wanted for Christmas, and ever since he’s harbored a grudge against locomotives; and that’s why he turned down nearly a billion dollars in stimulus money for light rail between Madison and Milwaukee.  Turns out, he just has a motive that’s loco.  The president and CEO of Wisconsin and Southern Railroad Co., William Gardner, last year shook his employees down to donate directly to then candidate Walker’s campaign, a sum resulting in $43,800 — eerily enough, only $800 more than what the Koch Bros’ donated to Walker.  The thing is, in Wisconsin it’s illegal to direct company cash to campaign coffers.  (At least until conservatives figure a way around this one, too, by way of the newly popular filthy lucre = free speech equation.)

Again, this all happened nearly a year ago, in May of 2010.  It’s only today that Gardner was officially charged.

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Unchartered Waters

Charter Schools in Wisconsin

For the back story on state Senator Alberta Darling’s new bill to allocate money from public schools to charters, please start here.

So now we want to…

1) lower the bar for teachers’ credentials and aptitude;
2) stick the cost of private schools onto the public taxpayer; and
3) entrust a board* of know-nothing know-it-alls in Madison to dictate how a local school district a couple hundred miles away decides how to run things.

3a) * The members of which are appointed by the governor, a college dropout, and the do-or-dynamic duo Fitzgerald Brothers, the majority leaders both in each of the two houses of the State Legislature (neither of whom have any professional background in education beyond their bachelors’ degrees from UW-Oshkosh.  In other words, none of these dingbats, as my father would say, have any qualification whatsoever in choosing a board of pedagogues.

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