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I think I cant, I think I cant, I think I cant…

Good news for people who like bad news about Walker!

(No, this is not about Modest Mouse.)

Earlier this morning, a major campaign donor to Gov. Walker was charged with not one but two felony counts for violating campaign finance laws.  See, I just thought that little Scottie as a kid never got that train set he wanted for Christmas, and ever since he’s harbored a grudge against locomotives; and that’s why he turned down nearly a billion dollars in stimulus money for light rail between Madison and Milwaukee.  Turns out, he just has a motive that’s loco.  The president and CEO of Wisconsin and Southern Railroad Co., William Gardner, last year shook his employees down to donate directly to then candidate Walker’s campaign, a sum resulting in $43,800 — eerily enough, only $800 more than what the Koch Bros’ donated to Walker.  The thing is, in Wisconsin it’s illegal to direct company cash to campaign coffers.  (At least until conservatives figure a way around this one, too, by way of the newly popular filthy lucre = free speech equation.)

Again, this all happened nearly a year ago, in May of 2010.  It’s only today that Gardner was officially charged.

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