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United Citizens Against Citizens United

United Citizens Against Citizens United

Need a new mantra?  How about “The Day When $$$$ Equals Speech”?

I caught word this morning that the good people at The Center for Media and Democracy are calling for an online day of action today and so wanted to spread the message in hopes of others doing likewise.  The cause in question concerns the Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court last year that not only codifies gobs of filthy lucre as being the equivalent of free speech, and thus protected under the First Amendment, but allows corporations (and yes, unions*) to conceal both the amounts they spend on elections AND where that money is coming from.  Keep reading and kindly click on a couple links if you’ve wondered any of the following:

~  How the hell a yahoo know-nothing nobody the likes of Ron Johnson could oust the venerable Russ Feingold from office;

~ How Republicans swept the halls in 2010, particularly in state legislatures and governors’ mansions;

~ How the no-dialogue ideologues of the so-called Tea Party, despite their fringe freak show, have accomplished as much as they have since January 20, 2009;

~ How anonymous, no-limit contributions and ALEC (the American Legislative Exchange Council) have so adroitly gutted the democratic process;

~ How over $30 million was spent on the eight recall elections in Wisconsin in only the last four months (compared to the $3.75 million that was the sum of all the State Legislature races in 2010!); or

~ How this gargantuan harangue will play itself in next year’s presidential election (think lots of drunk, angry elephants in a cutesy boutique china shop).

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Welcome to Walkersha — Population: 7582

As best as I can recollect, this country founded itself on three essential matters: no taxation without representation (which credo is abrogated daily for the half-million residents of Washington, D.C., said country’s very capital, but that’s another story); self-rule by way of representational government (democracy, not monarchy); and freedom of (or from) religion.  The only thing that truly keeps us as a nation bound together is a piece of parchment that begins “We the People.”  Our common denominator is neither racial nor religious, unlike so many cultures of the world.  Even what literally grounds us could hardly be more incongruous; from the Olympic Mountains, rain forests, and glaciers of Washington to the swampy gators of the Florida Everglades, or the windswept hush of Kansas to the roar of the New Jersey Turnpike, our basic geography alone divides us.  Regional distinctions abound; for the reality of a back-to-the-land Vermonter might as well be its own subject of anthropology when compared next to a Sunbelt computer programmer in Tucson, a shrimper’s day to day humid toil in the Gulf of Mexico to a Montana rancher baling hay in the first snowstorm before Labor Day.  Our dialects and our diets wildly diverge; we are what we speak and eat where we’re from, and Southern ain’t New England any more than a Midwest casserole hotdish makes a lick of sense to a Tex-Mex plate of frijoles con carne asada.  No, what keeps us together is the Constitution, that we are a nation of laws.  And we vote.  Call us “e plebiscite unum.”  Read the rest of this entry »


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