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Bleakonomics 101 for 2012

Bleakonomics 101 for 2012

Spoiler alert: this evening, during the first presidential debate between Obama and Romney, we’re going to hear a lot about jobs and numbers.  It might look something like this:

1 part BS + 1 part PR = 2night

Unlike the rogues gallery of incompetent candidates out of which Mitt Romney ascended to receive the nomination to run on the Republican ticket for the presidency of the United States, the man is at least qualified.  He governed a very Democratic state and did something or other to save the Olympics in the chosen land of his religion’s people, Salt Lake City.  But those are incidental bona fides.  Ask most people why they’ll vote for Mitt, and the response most probable is some wishy-washy allusion to his background in business, Herr Exekutive of Bain Capital; that, in other words, he knows how to create jobs.  Leaving aside this particularly spurious ascription, let’s take a look at what — not even who — does and doesn’t improve the unemployment rate, shall we?
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