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Some Thoughts on the Home Team

All this week the dome of the Capitol building downtown has been lit up in Packers green and gold.  (See below.)  It’s pretty cool actually.  Inside that rotunda dome earlier this week the new governor interrupted his own State of the State speech before the entire Legislature to speak to someone in Packers management via live feed from Dallas to wish the team good luck.  It’s what would be done if an astronaut from a go-nowhere podunk of the state were orbiting the planet in outer space; what would be done if a phenom teenage gymnast from the same town were overseas on the U.S. team for the Olympics.  While this was for professional sports, the feeling of hometown pride for the little guy was just the same.  The adulation for the Packers this state has is infectious — it’s closer to a religious feeling in all actuality.  (They don’t still call him St. Vince for nothing!  Neither is the actual trek to the stadium or the hall of fame next to it accidental that for many it’s a rite of passage like going to Mecca.)  It’s one of the reasons I actually care about watching and what happens in the game for the first time in my adult life since I was a kid.

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