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April Fools March Forth

April Fools March Forth

I think the Jews got it right, the marking of the new year in autumn.  Leaving aside any debate about whether life begins at conception or at birth,* there’s something intuitive and irrepressibly hopeful, poetic even, about the seeds of some future beginning taking hold in autumn, lying dormant and warm beneath the earth over the cold, dark, hard winter, to nudge their vernally green buddy heads above the surface of snow-scruff and the pungent mud of spring.  Certainly more intuitive than beginning the year on January 1st – only a week or so after the longest night of the entire year; hell, only a week or so after the season of winter has technically begun – when all the world (well, the northern hemisphere) is dead, still, and frozen.  That’s supposed to represent a new beginning, then?!?  What calendrical maniac hoodwinked a whole culture to swallow hook, line, and all that the new year should begin smack dab in the chapter of death and darkness?  It just doesn’t feel right.  Read the rest of this entry »


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The ABCs of Asymmetry (ICYMI)

The ABCs of Asymmetry (ICYMI)

Today marks the last day of the (ir)regular session of the Wisconsin State Legislature; good riddance to bad rubbish indeed!  While halfway through lent, this lapse Catholic is glad the state is giving up Republican mandates for a short while at least.  Plus spring has sprung, and with it that irrepressibly burning eternal.  Keeping with the lenten theme, the days are longer (lengthened, you might even say), the sun brighter and warmer.  With recalls soon to be set, there is light for sure at the end of this tunnel that has been the yearlong winter of our discontent, and hope outshining the audacity of dopes.
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Incidental poetry — Part i


As I sit before a computer screen sipping
cups of coffee looking up gardening tips
for the coming spring, wondering what to grow
and how many rows apart, counting beans
yet sprung or preserves yet jarred,
my cat switches positions of sleep in a feline curl on the bed                                                                      whisker-twitched and flicks of tail with dreams aswirl in his head –
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What do we want? SPRING! When do we want it? NOW!

     Dateline: April 22, 2011  Madison, WI

Feeling blue?  Lugubrious?  “Bluegubrious?”  Don’t just sit there; do something about it.  So says Walt Krendard, spokesperson of Wisconsin Alliance of Fair Weather Friends, a citizen action group recalling spring — yes, the season.  “We all witnessed the equinox — some of us even attended the groundhog rallies back in February,” Krendard says, “and however you slice it, spring ain’t doing its job.”  Indeed, he furthers, “it’s run away and hiding out of state.”  Wisconsin recently has become ground zero for recall elections of unprecedented proportion, so it may not come as a surprise to find such a favorable climate for recalling the actual season. We went to Spring Green, in Iowa County, to find out what was happening on the ground level.

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