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Stand With Striking Machinists at Manitowoc Cranes

Click here to show your support for the machinists of Manitowoc, WI, who are on strike in solidarity with their right to form a union.



Shell Oil to Niger Delta: Quit Crying Over Spilled Milk

Click here to tell Shell Oil to clean up its act — and maybe stop buying their gas, too.


The Fox News and the Hedged Bet

Click here to send a message in your name to companies who pay Fox in advertising to pull their money from the mouths of liars.


Stand up to the GOP’s War on Women

Click here to sign a petition against H.R. 3 — which would effectively ban even private coverage of abortion care while including a tax provision in the bill could mean that rape and incest survivors who choose abortion care would be audited by the IRS — to help stop the “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act.”

Tell Ugandan President Museveni to Stop the “Kill the Gays” bill!

Click here for a hand-delivered letter to be sent to the Ugandan embassy in D.C. that you oppose making be gay a punishable offense.


End Government Handout to Big Oil

Click here to tell Congress to discontinue the handouts oil companies still receive, despite the staggering windfall of profits they make each quarter.


Got Phosphorus?  Tell Your State Legislators That a Healthy Environment = a Healthy Economy

Click here to send email to your legislators as well as to Alberta Darling and Robin Vos, co-chairs of the JFC, that without a clean environment the state economy will suffer.  (Would you drive from Illinois to the northwoods to fish/raft/swim in a lake choked to death by algae bloom?  Me neither.)


Tell Attorney General Eric Holder to Investigate the Wisconsin Supreme Court Election

Click here to take action on this and tell Kathy Nickolaus to go take a Waukesha.  Nickolaus is the county clerk of Waukesha County, the most Republican county in Wisconsin, who “forgot” to count some 14,000 votes, which discrepancy handed the election to the conservative incumbent — who used to be her boss 12 years ago.  Elections matter, and every vote should count.  Don’t let the GOP juggernaut have its way with democracy; we need the feds to get involved.  If, after a full examination, it is determined that the incumbent won fair and square, so be it.  The people of Wisconsin need that assurance.  THIS ISN’T ABOUT SORE LOSERS; it’s about transparency.


Hold unscrupulous mortgage servicers accountable

The Obama administration and others have asked the attorneys general around the country to accept a settlement with the major mortgage firms, rather than pursue real justice.  In other words, they’d pay a skimpy fine rather than be held accountable for their nationwide shakedown and windfall profit.  If that happens, they’ll take the same course of action a polluting company does: pay the fine for violating some flimsy, half-assed enforced law, rather than change their basic operation, ’cause in the end it’s cheaper for their bottom line to do the wrong thing.

The Wisconsin AG’s email is; phone # is 608-266-1221.  If you live in another state, I’m afraid you’ll have to look up your own.  Here’s a good starting place:


Sample email:

Dear Attorney General *,
I am resident of *.  I know that the Obama administration and federal banking regulators are asking that you and state attorneys general across the country accept a settlement with the major mortgage firms that would impose no criminal penalties for breaking the law. That is not acceptable, sir.  I implore you to hold these people accountable and subject to the law, not mere civil penalties slaps on the wrists.  You have the moral and legal opportunity to pursue justice for countless homeowners both here in Wisconsin and, by leading an example, the nation at large, which I urge you to take.  Failing to do so is not only irresponsible; it sends an unequivocal message that paying a pittance in a civil penalty while bilking billions of dollars from millions of Americans is just part of business.  This obscene practice of unconscionable greed must end, and you can do something directly about that.  Please do so.


Name & Address



Tell GE to Pay Their Taxes

From Credo:

According to a shocking exposé just published by the The New York Times, GE made over $26 billion in profit in the United States during the last five years, but paid nothing in federal income tax. Zero. In fact, it claimed a $4.1 billion net tax benefit from the IRS during that time.

Meanwhile, lack of revenue is causing brutal cutbacks of vital services at all levels of government.

We shouldn’t be firing teachers and taking health care away from children because GE is shirking on its responsibility to pay income tax.

Tell GE: Pay your taxes.

To take action on this, please click here.  Thanks!


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